Halloween Celebrations 2016!


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Hello sunshines!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and for those who celebrate Halloween I hope you all had a fabulous time! I for one, had such a great time celebrating Halloween this past weekend. Living in the UK, we obviously do celebrate the holiday but most of the time we don’t really go too over the top, which I always get a little sad about because I absolutely adore Halloween; I always have from when I was a child. I don’t particularly know why, it’s just a holiday that I always really looked forward to.


The past few years me and my amazing friends all make sure we do something the closest weekend to Halloween so we can all get together, dress up and have as much fun as possible. Now that me and my friends are all a bit older we struggle to get everyone together all the time so it’s always really special when we all get together, regardless of the reason. We’ve all been friends since school and I feel really lucky that no matter what, we’re all still best friends and we still have just as much fun as we’ve always had! I swear, I don’t know any other friendship group that takes as many pictures as we do on a night out! Disclaimer: apologies for the photos, they were all taken on my phone with a tad shaky hand after one two many glasses of wine.


This year was no exception! We all got together at one of my friends’ houses for a night of fun! We all got dressed up and we were ready and rearing to get the celebrations started! The music was blasting and the drinks were very much flowing (much to my excitement!) We played a few drinking games, and pretty much spent the whole night laughing! Now, I’m not one to shy away from a good time, so of course when the opportunity came, me and a few other friends went to a different party for the rest of the night. I absolutely love partying and having a good time, especially when it’s worth this bunch of people!


Now onto the fun part; the costume! Unfortunately I’m not one for going all out outfit wise. The past few years I’ve tended to just wear all black and getting experiential with my makeup. This year, I was completely inspired by Desi Perkins’ half glam/half skull tutorial (watch it here) and I was absolutely obsessed with it! I was so proud of myself for being able to recreate it as I don’t really get the opportunity to do things like this at all so it was so much fun! It did take me a really long time to do it though as I was following the tutorial step by step, as closely as I could to make sure I got it right. However, once I started getting the hang of it, it did begin to get easier.


The glam side was pretty easy, I just did my typical nighttime makeup routine; strong contour, beaming highlight, copper smokey eye. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use many products for the skull side of my face. I went to my local supermarket and picked up a fairly cheap set of Halloween themed face paints that included both a black and a white as they were really all I needed (these ones from Amazon are really similar.) I used the lightest powder I had to set the white side of my face, and a matte black eyeshadow to set any of the black sections, as well as a dark brown shadow for any extra shading. To be honest, like I’ve previously said, I literally followed the Desi Perkins tutorial step by step, as accurately as I could. Honestly, if you ever wanted to recreate this look I would definitely go and give that video a watch; she makes it so easy to follow!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Halloween celebrations! What did you do to celebrate Halloween and what was your costume?
I’d love to hear from you!

See you next time!
Lia xx


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